Who can.

Only those who shouldn’t.



It’s all been taken

It's all been taken

Now for the real thing


New old zines

mini zines 1 Mini zines 2

Many years ago, before I really even made zines, I spent a year making little books. I made 364, as I had a day off. I did make a big book of them all, but only made three copies, and I don’t know if anyone would be that interested in it as I have to charge a lot, as it’s a proper bound book.

But as I have a zine fair coming up on Sunday, I thought I’d make some of them into little zines. So far I’ve made up five of my favourites. Get them on Sunday at the Canberra Zine Emporium. I may list them in a five pack later in my ETSY shop. But I may not either.

We don’t have wings

We don't have wings

It’s time to get rid of this notion of left wing or right wing. The greedy, whiney powers that be, too easily dismiss being human and caring as somehow an undesirable trait, and put it down by calling it left wing, communist, trot. It’s not ideology. It’s just about not being an arsehole. It’s about thinking outside of you own selfishness. The sooner we stop talking about wings the better. It’s about arseholes and non arseholes.

Manly Zine Fair – not just for men!

Manly Zine Fair

Here’s the flyer fo the Manly Zine Fair. Don’t worry, it’s not some blokefest. It’s actually the name of a suburb. A pretty nice suburb, by the sea.

As well as trying to sell my zines I’ll be running a workshop teaching different types of easy binding. You can use these techniques on your zines (there’s a workshop running at the same time) or make you own notebooks, or just a bunch of paper you want to hold together.

So it should be a fun day. I’ve always had fun. Hope to see you there.

Bonus is that they’ve use my picture for the flyer.

Yeah! Me!

I’ve printed up a new bunch of greeting cards

It’s always hard for me to choose what to take. I suppose I need some sort of market curator, but nobody’s offered. It’s kind of nice that people like much of what I do, but also frustrating, in that I sell small amounts of everything. So I need to bring every thing, every time. I sometimes wish I could be all pleased with myself with the one genius idea I had, like I see others do. But then it wouldn’t be me would it. So these card will be with me this Sunday at the Enmore Curated Markets. Details to the left.

scan-g676 scan-g677scan-g678

I’ve also got a bunch of postcard packs. One of Cats, and one of my finest art, according to me this week. Next week will surely be different.


Bees in my bonnet

Bees in my bonnet

I am going to start a rant of things that get to me. But today I feel to lazy, so you’ll have to wait, but I made this little picture as a header.

I think my first rant will be about how I’m expected to be a business person and make money out of art. why can’t I just be pensioned off and draw in my room all day.

Looks like I just started.

Get my new zine with Katie Haegele this weekend

KH - 09


I’ve made a new zine with one of my favorite zine makers. The notorious Katie Haegele from Pennsylvania. It’s the story of a little Cheetah-print dress, but as with here stories it’s always about so much more. Zine fairs, unrequited love, relationships, and where you feel at home.

Get it from me this Sunday the 7th of July at Eveleigh Artisans Market, in Wilson Street, Darlington – 10am to 3pm. Come and say hello. I’ll need a bit of cheering up.