Just keep walking


..to my picture party next week.   DETAILS HERE


You really don’t!


I wouldn’t expect anything less.


It could be worth the effort.


Now for the real thing


Bees in my bonnet

Bees in my bonnet

I am going to start a rant of things that get to me. But today I feel to lazy, so you’ll have to wait, but I made this little picture as a header.

I think my first rant will be about how I’m expected to be a business person and make money out of art. why can’t I just be pensioned off and draw in my room all day.

Looks like I just started.

Going off

Going off

One good thing about being unalbe to stop drawing angry protesters is that I now have an exhibition ready to go at any moment.
I was having a chat yesterday and big things are coming your way.
I’m still angry though.