New zine out now

New zine out now

My latest Zine is a collaboration with the legendary Katie Haegele. She wrote the words and I did the pictures. I’m very excited about this. You can buy it off me HERE, or if you’re in the States you can buy it off her HERE.

I’ll also have it at my market stall next week. But I’ll annoy you about that more later


The Deadly Blooms

The Deadly Blooms

Colour you own version. Find them and other flowery friends HERE.

New zine with my favorite zine author Katie Haegele

New zine with my favorite zine author Katie Haegele

We’ve been meaning to get around to this for a while, but it’s finally done. I’m happy to brag about this little zine with my pictures to Katies story about a dress. It has everything, fashion, zine fairs, love and not love. Out soon through ETSY or when I’m next at Eveleigh Artisans market.

Songs of Protest 10 out now!!!!

Songs of Portest 10 out now

But this isn’t in it. Just to annoy you, I posted this, just to give you a heads up on whats going down.

Find it HERE

And find this picture in the next installment Songs of Protest 11, which I’m sure will be out soon enough. I’m angry enough.

Getting ready for tomorrow

Getting ready for tomorrow

Here’s a couple of new zines and a reworking of my Other Goose zine, ready for tomorrow at the MCA Zine Fair.  Supposedly  5000 people go. I can believe it. I think they’re putting me outside to face the elements, so if you do go, make sure you check out the covered terrace at the front. I’ll be near the zine truck.
I reworked my Other Goose Zine to make it smaller and cheaper. I think I managed to sell two whole copies of the first print. But I love the pictures and lack of success obviously does not stop me. Obviously.

How many must sacrifice themselves for our greed?

How many must sacrifice themselves for our greed?

But anyway enough of the wingeing.
Just a quick reminder that you be able to pick up little gems like this in my zines on Sunday the 26th of May at the MCA Zine Fair, down at Circular Quay West in Sydney. Come and pester me if you feel up to it.



Up and coming

OK, from going on about how I was going to quit everything, now May is jam packed with events.

On Sunday the 5th of May I will be at Eveleigh Artisans Market 10am to 3pm. Mainly as I want to catch up on the gossip with other stall holders. There’s a bit to find out in the intriguing world of Artisans Markets.

The Sunday after that on the 12th of May I will be at the new Enmore Curated Design Markets at Vic on the Park. I’ll put up ore details on that soon. It’s just starting out but look really interesting. Well I’ll be there for a start.


I’ve made it into the MCA Zine Fair  on Sunday the 26th of May 11am to 4pm. I’ll keep you updated about that closer to the time.


Nothing else is planned at the moment. But I’ll let you know.

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New Zine – Let’s Ride – Out Now!!!!

While I was trying to get out of other things I started doing these water-colours of people on various animals. Now they all collected together in this beautiful volume, with little poems I wrote to accompany them .

Suitable for all ages. For lovers of animals, art and dodgy poems.

BUY IT HERE at my ETSY shop.

And just a special thanks to Nat and Chiara for organising the excellent Canberra Zine Emporium on Saturday. It was the best. See you at the MCA in May.