Practicing Cake Decorating


Watercolours illustrating this time of bad miracles.
Opening Night Friday 31 March – 6pm-8pm
Food and drinks provided

Opening times Saturday April 1 (Special foolish events planned) and Sunday April 2 10am-5pm

Tickets and information HERE


It’s almost time for the party…


…one week, one day ….There will be cake and I’ll let you eat it…..The Watch House 179 Darling St. Balmain – 6-8pm 31st March. 

There should always be cake…


Thanks to Lea for supplying the cake for the Picture Party Spectacular.

Thanks to Aileen for being the courier.


Nutella cake card for a Nutty friend

Catty Nutella
Catty Nutella

Apology card for my friend Uschi, who I didn’t get to visit in Germany this year. I hope this make up for it a little. But I still feel bad.