Keep moving………



All of them


For better or worse. Mostly worse.

The hill….


Plaiting Puss

Plaiting Puss

So I have an exhibition next year at the end of August. I thought I’d post some things from my last picture party. Expect more of the same I suppose. Sorry.

Nutella cake card for a Nutty friend

Catty Nutella
Catty Nutella

Apology card for my friend Uschi, who I didn’t get to visit in Germany this year. I hope this make up for it a little. But I still feel bad.


New zine on it’s way

New zine on the Grand Tour ready for the Manly Zine Fair next month on the 19th of September – 11am to 1pm.

I’ll also be showing how to make them and to sew your own books.

It can only go wrong.