Practicing Cake Decorating


Watercolours illustrating this time of bad miracles.
Opening Night Friday 31 March – 6pm-8pm
Food and drinks provided

Opening times Saturday April 1 (Special foolish events planned) and Sunday April 2 10am-5pm

Tickets and information HERE




Thanks Kathryn for being in the Picture Party Spectacular. Greatness and Diamond Nights were achieved.


Up they go.







Now showing…….at Manly Library

My free standing protesters are now at Manly Library for the month of June.

See them before I pack them up again.

So I suppose I’ll get these finished one day

BOM 06.jpgHope I get it done before August 26th. That’s when the picture party is meant to go up.


It’s all a bit overwhelming.

But I can just do what I’ve done every other time and put in a pile of half-assed, and half finished garbage.

So nothing has changed.




Picture Party.

Jewels and Fools, or Ghouls and Tools

27 and 28 August 20016. 10am to 5pm

Opening Night: 6pm to 8pm.

Come for the food at least. That I can guarantee will be excellent.


Balmain Watch House, 179 Darling Street, Balmain NSW 2041







What can I do?

Added some legs to my old friend for the picture party. More details HERE