Not that I would know……



Fly away birdie…


See you Janine. It’s been an honour.

Sad to see me go

The tears are all I have
The tears are all I have

The English Gentleman

the english gentleman

I saw this picture years ago in a backpacker in Rhodes. It’s one of those things that just astound me. I mean who the hell thinks of these things. And not only that, They get a chimp and a woman to pose with it, photograph it, and then print a bunch of posters, and then who the hell buys it. Well the guy at the backpackers we were staying in did.

It all just leaves me bewildered.

So I painted a picture of it.

Of course I did.

From memory. It was before digital cameras, so I didn’t take photos of every single thing.

And I called it The English Gentleman.

the english gentleman 2

New Zine – Let’s Ride – Out Now!!!!

While I was trying to get out of other things I started doing these water-colours of people on various animals. Now they all collected together in this beautiful volume, with little poems I wrote to accompany them .

Suitable for all ages. For lovers of animals, art and dodgy poems.

BUY IT HERE at my ETSY shop.

And just a special thanks to Nat and Chiara for organising the excellent Canberra Zine Emporium on Saturday. It was the best. See you at the MCA in May.