Zine Fair 23rd of March in this lucky Capital

Just a quick reminder that I’ll be at the Canberra Zine Emporium in Gorman House selling my usual garbage. And some new crap.

Hope of the Museum of Australian Democracy. Museums tend to hold historical items. As in it’s history. Something that no longer exists. Like Democracy. In Australia. At least there’s a museum to show us what we used to have.



Come and get it

Come and get it

Also I got into the MCA zine fair, for those in Sydney in May

Songs of Protest Ten

Songs of Protest Ten

Just knocked out another one last night for the Zine Fair today at the MCA. This is where the MCA is trying to show it knows whats going on in the streets, and we pretend that we’re exhibiting in the major contemporary arts hub of Sydney. It’s a win / win situation, or we’re all just kidding ourselves.
Who cares. It will be fun / terrible.

Getting ready for tomorrow

Getting ready for tomorrow

Here’s a couple of new zines and a reworking of my Other Goose zine, ready for tomorrow at the MCA Zine Fair.¬† Supposedly¬† 5000 people go. I can believe it. I think they’re putting me outside to face the elements, so if you do go, make sure you check out the covered terrace at the front. I’ll be near the zine truck.
I reworked my Other Goose Zine to make it smaller and cheaper. I think I managed to sell two whole copies of the first print. But I love the pictures and lack of success obviously does not stop me. Obviously.

How many must sacrifice themselves for our greed?

How many must sacrifice themselves for our greed?

But anyway enough of the wingeing.
Just a quick reminder that you be able to pick up little gems like this in my zines on Sunday the 26th of May at the MCA Zine Fair, down at Circular Quay West in Sydney. Come and pester me if you feel up to it.