Me in charge?


So supposedly the weather is not going to be horrendous this Tuesday. Great reason to come to my dodgy workshop on how to make Street Art.

This Tuesday the 7th of June, Manly Library 5:30pm to 6:30pm. 

This week Tags, as in making tag art to attach to poles and fences.

Rather than tagging where you show off you can spell your name by spray painting your name ad nauseam everywhere.

Find out about it HERE



Bookbinding at the Easter Show



If you happen to be at the Royal Easter Show today (Thursday the 24th March) then I will be helping out the Bookbinders guild with bookbinding demonstrations.

Amazingly they trust me with sewing needles.

Let’s hope it doesn’t end in tears.


So next month will be a little busy


Manly Zine Fair on the 20th September. Look at my pretty artwork.

Plus my picture party at Waterloo library starting that same week as part of art and about.

And I’ll be running a casual little zine workshop at the Seymour Centre the week after. More on that soon.