If you wanted too…….



All exits are blocked……..


Boring is not the new interesting….




You can ask


But you won’t get.

Job Search

job search

So I’d better try and make a good start to the new year. I really wasn’t placing much hope as when in the past I’ve said this is going to be my year, well it hasn’t gone to good. So this year I thought I’d play it cool, and it seems to be working. I’m trying to fool the universe.

So I’ve been having a little look around for jobs now that I’m halfway through my Library Assistant course. My favorite tutor was from a local library that I go to often, and wouldn’t mind working at. And they’ve just advertised a job that I can actually apply for. Most excellent. One of the the things that I remember in our interview training was that she said that it’s important not to do any creepy staring. Especially in panel interviews.

So that’s what I took away from my course.

No Creepy Staring.