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New Zine should be ready for Saturday

New Zine should be ready for Saturday

The new zine I’m drawing pictures for, for Katie Haegele should be ready for Saturday. Let’s hope.

Get my new zine with Katie Haegele this weekend

KH - 09


I’ve made a new zine with one of my favorite zine makers. The notorious Katie Haegele from Pennsylvania. It’s the story of a little Cheetah-print dress, but as with here stories it’s always about so much more. Zine fairs, unrequited love, relationships, and where you feel at home.

Get it from me this Sunday the 7th of July at Eveleigh Artisans Market, in Wilson Street, Darlington – 10am to 3pm. Come and say hello. I’ll need a bit of cheering up.


New zine out now

New zine out now

My latest Zine is a collaboration with the legendary Katie Haegele. She wrote the words and I did the pictures. I’m very excited about this. You can buy it off me HERE, or if you’re in the States you can buy it off her HERE.

I’ll also have it at my market stall next week. But I’ll annoy you about that more later

New zine with my favorite zine author Katie Haegele

New zine with my favorite zine author Katie Haegele

We’ve been meaning to get around to this for a while, but it’s finally done. I’m happy to brag about this little zine with my pictures to Katies story about a dress. It has everything, fashion, zine fairs, love and not love. Out soon through ETSY or when I’m next at Eveleigh Artisans market.

It rains here.

It rains here.

It’s good to have a hat.
And the mushrooms will be making a visit.