I’ve printed up a new bunch of greeting cards

It’s always hard for me to choose what to take. I suppose I need some sort of market curator, but nobody’s offered. It’s kind of nice that people like much of what I do, but also frustrating, in that I sell small amounts of everything. So I need to bring every thing, every time. I sometimes wish I could be all pleased with myself with the one genius idea I had, like I see others do. But then it wouldn’t be me would it. So these card will be with me this Sunday at the Enmore Curated Markets. Details to the left.

scan-g676 scan-g677scan-g678

I’ve also got a bunch of postcard packs. One of Cats, and one of my finest art, according to me this week. Next week will surely be different.


Songs of Protest Ten

Songs of Protest Ten

Just knocked out another one last night for the Zine Fair today at the MCA. This is where the MCA is trying to show it knows whats going on in the streets, and we pretend that we’re exhibiting in the major contemporary arts hub of Sydney. It’s a win / win situation, or we’re all just kidding ourselves.
Who cares. It will be fun / terrible.

New Zine – Let’s Ride – Out Now!!!!

While I was trying to get out of other things I started doing these water-colours of people on various animals. Now they all collected together in this beautiful volume, with little poems I wrote to accompany them .

Suitable for all ages. For lovers of animals, art and dodgy poems.

BUY IT HERE at my ETSY shop.

And just a special thanks to Nat and Chiara for organising the excellent Canberra Zine Emporium on Saturday. It was the best. See you at the MCA in May.