Pull my finger out

Pull my finger out

I don’t really have new years resolutions, but I really have to pull my finger out of my ass next year.

Old fart ass

Old fart ass

Enough of fart assing around. I got so much done yesterday. And now I can’t seem to do anything. Old Fart that I am.

I don’t say this nearly enough

I don't say this nearly enough

According to Cassell’s Dictionary of Slang, SPEWING adj. (1980’s +) (Aust. teen) in a furious temper.

That’s about right.


Saint Beckett


There’s nothing to report as I have no plans. No markets. No exhibitions. Just bumming around the house, continuing my sabbatical.

For those of you who need last minute presents, my ETSYshop is stocked up, and I have calendars and T-Shirts available on Redbubble, and for those really last minute purchases you can always go to Platform 72 or Earth Kid, where I have a few items for sale.



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